This is how it all started

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In the following article I want to relate how I started in the programming and web development industry, how I learned to code and build websites from scratch. Why did I write this you may ask? So I don’t forget. Time makes you forget things. My 28th birthday was close and I wanted to keep track […]

How is responsive design the answer to mobile web consumption?

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The number of people perusing the web on mobile devices is huge, nobody can say otherwise. Ericsson reported that in the past year, mobile traffic more than doubled. The number of users in the United States alone who use the internet via a mobile device grew 19% over the past year. The Times of India recently reported […]

How to add the Google +1 button to your website

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Google started rolling the +1 button as an experimental version of Google Search. Today, the +1 button is available to everyone and this means that “you” as a webmaster can add the +1 button to your website and let people share on Google your content.

63% of web video is HTML5 friendly

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According to MeFeedia, from all the web videos around the net, 63% of them are HTML5 friendly. For those on iPad or iPhones, it believe this is a very good thing. Flash is a thing of the past for watching videos on your smartphone or personal computer, considering a year ago the percentage of HTML5 […]

Get YouTube video thumbnails (the easy way)

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YouTube has an API to do this, however, there is an easier way to pull the thumbnails of a specific video if you know its ID. You can use this trick in any of your applications and it is not language specific.

A little dot that made me pull my hair off

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I was coding a long signup form, a very nice one, with the jQuery Validation Plugin, but it wasn’t working. I started to strip the code, piece by piece so I can identify what was causing the plugin to ignore the form and I came up with the most stupid error you will ever seen […]